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Futhark.org The Irminfolk

Futhark.org, Our Online Store

Founded in 2013, Futhark.org is the official webstore of The Irminfolk. There you will find Runes, Thor’s Hammers, Ritual items, Books, Apparel, and other Heathen ephemera for sale.


Folkish Summer Hallowing

The Irminfolk’s annual Summertime retreat. Four days of workshops, rituals, competitions, classes, games and fun for the whole family.

Futhmark Community Currency

Futhmarks Community currency.

A vital part of community building is having a means of exchange. We developed a Gold, Silver and Copper based community currency With Thor, Odin, Runes and Staves.

The Irminfolk

The Brewer’s Guild

The Irminfolk’s Brewer’s Guild members supply a great variety of homebrewed beers, Ales, Meads and Ciders to community events and rituals.