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High in the cosmic plane of Asgard sits the great hall of Valhalla, filled with half of the most valiant warriors slain in combat or otherwise victorious over their

Universalists and the Denial of the Gods

One of the biggest splits in modern day Norse/Germanic Heathenism (I am using that term as a catch-all as there are so many to describe Europe’s native religions) is between

Ostara, A Gateway to the Old Religion

Ostara, A Gateway to the Old Religion by Luther Kovac When I was nearly eighteen I had become increasingly dissatisfied with Christianity as it was being taught to me in

Odin’s Raven 1/10th ounce Silver Futhmark

 A furore Normannorum libera nos, "From the fury of the Northmen deliver us." The Futhmark Community Currency series continues with a 2016 1/10th ounce Five Futhmark trade medallion struck in

Civilization is good!

I am profoundly grateful to our ancestors, the warriors and innovators, who took us from caves and simple structures to the heated, comfortable houses we live in today.

Land Navigation course Part 2: Maps.

This part of the course will focus on Topographic map reading and attempt to empower the user with a better understanding of the legend, map color conventions, contour lines, terrain

Land Navigation Course

In this course we will learn about using navigation tools and techniques, such as a topographic map and a compass, to successfully negotiate terrain and recognize terrain features, to determine positions on the ground and to be able to accurately communicate that knowledge.

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