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Civilization is good!

I am profoundly grateful to our ancestors, the warriors and innovators, who took us from caves and simple structures to the heated, comfortable houses we live in today.

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Land Navigation Course

In this course we will learn about using navigation tools and techniques, such as a topographic map and a compass, to successfully negotiate terrain and recognize terrain features, to determine positions on the ground and to be able to accurately communicate that knowledge.

2017-03-29T13:11:34+00:00 By |Fyrd|

The Futhmark Alternative Currency Program

One Futhmark is valued as either one fiftieth (1/50) of a Troy ounce of .999 Fine Silver for Silver Coins, one half (1/2) avoirdupois ounce .999 Copper, for Copper Coins, or one two-thousandth (1/2000) of a Troy ounce of .9999 Gold. All Futhmarks must bear the Trademark of the Irminfolk Odinist Community.

2017-03-29T13:11:34+00:00 By |Financial|
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