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Irminfyrd kit: Rechargable Batteries

In the pursuit of standardization, the Irminfyrd have chosen the AA battery as the standard size for all battery powered personal equipment. Whenever possible, flashlights, night vision devices, GPS receivers,

IrminShire: The land and Hof project

Irminshire will start out Spartan- probably just bare woods at first. But it will progress in multiple phases to become a completely purpose-built facility for Folkish heathens to congregate, study, teach, celebrate, and make merry.

A primer on investing in precious metals

There is very little difference between owning a "warehouse receipt" or "promissory note" or any other form of "paper silver" than there is to owning paper dollars from the Federal reserve. They have NO intrinsic value. A paper note is "evidence of debt", not wealth. It says so right on the front: "this note is legal tender for all DEBT..." (emphasis added)

Hnefatafl – A viking era board game

Hnefatafl (pronounced neff-e-tah-ful) is a Chess-like board game once considered to be the most respected intellectual pursuit among Norse nobles. Hnefatafl was considered lost to history for almost a millennium,

Oisin vs. Patrick

article by Michael Stevens St. Patrick is said to have lived in the 5th Century, although only two contemporary documents attest to his existence: the Letter to Coroticus and a

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