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New England town issues its own “dollar alternative” currency.

"Since Sept. 29, more than 225 South Berkshire businesses have agreed to accept 'BerkShares' from customers in place of federal dollars.... The benefit to local merchants is more customers. The benefit to customers is the face-to-face contact and the personal service that builds a sense of community, said Susan Witt, director of the Schumacher Society.

Solar Wind and Energy

New PDF’s have been posted in the Homesteading group’s documents on how to build your own Solar and Wind Systems. Check them out. Build your own solar and wind systems

Tales of the Mabinogi

The ancient Celts loved a good story, and the Welsh were no exception. The Celtic bard, or traveling storyteller, was a most revered figure in Wales, enchanting his audiences with

The Yule Leuchter

The Julleuchter or Yule Lantern  is a small hollow clay candlestick about 8″ tall. On its four sides it has a heart and a Hagall

Is Santa Clause Odin?

Georg von Rosen – Oden som vandringsman, 1886 (Odin, the Wanderer) The other day, I put on some cartoons for my son to watch while

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With the official launch date for this site just days away, it is time to start delegating jobs to volunteers who will help keep irminfolk.com updated, fresh and interesting for

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