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irminbrew2Community Homebrew

The Irminfolk’s Brewer’s Guild members supply a great variety of homebrewed beers, Ales, Meads and Ciders to community events and rituals.

The drinking of Ale is known to have been a ritualized part of Germanic, Norse, and Anglo Saxon culture, with written accounts of Sumbel dating back to 77AD.

The drinking of ale was particularly important to several seasonal religious festivals, with levies in place which required Farmers to brew in preparation for Winternights and  Yule celebrations.

meadGreat tasting Mead

(Need writeup on mead)

Wheelbarrow-Award-FSHThe Wheelbarrow Award

Each Year at Folkish Summer Hallowing we hold a contest for the best Overall Homebrew Mead. The trophy for this prestigious distinction is this cut-nail sculpture wheelbarrow with a Thor Futhmark tire. The Trophy is displayed in the Irminfolk’s Sumbel Pavilion with each year’s winner’s name etched on its stump pedestal.