Universalists and the Denial of the Gods

One of the biggest splits in modern day Norse/Germanic Heathenism (I am using that term as a catch-all as there are so many to describe Europe’s native religions) is between

Ostara, A Gateway to the Old Religion

Ostara, A Gateway to the Old Religion by Luther Kovac When I was nearly eighteen I had become increasingly dissatisfied with Christianity as it was being taught to me in

Eyvind Kinrifa, the Death of a Pagan Martyr

The fall of the old religion did not happen all at once, and I cannot lay the blame solely on Christian intolerance. From the beginning the monotheists made it clear that they had no room for the other gods.

Ales Stenar, A Legacy of Stone

Ales Stenar, A Legacy of Stone By : Luther Kovac During a gathering, I had a conversation with one of the Folk about ancient ruins that I saw in Europe,

The Krigarenve

Basic Krigarenve Philosophies Basic Viking Fighting Philosophy In the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland) we call a certain historical period that spanned between the years 750–1100 A.D.

Hnefatafl – A viking era board game

Hnefatafl (pronounced neff-e-tah-ful) is a Chess-like board game once considered to be the most respected intellectual pursuit among Norse nobles. Hnefatafl was considered lost to history for almost a millennium,

Oisin vs. Patrick

article by Michael Stevens St. Patrick is said to have lived in the 5th Century, although only two contemporary documents attest to his existence: the Letter to Coroticus and a

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