The Futhmark Alternative Currency Program

One Futhmark is valued as either one fiftieth (1/50) of a Troy ounce of .999 Fine Silver for Silver Coins, one half (1/2) avoirdupois ounce .999 Copper, for Copper Coins, or one two-thousandth (1/2000) of a Troy ounce of .9999 Gold. All Futhmarks must bear the Trademark of the Irminfolk Odinist Community.

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A primer on investing in precious metals

There is very little difference between owning a "warehouse receipt" or "promissory note" or any other form of "paper silver" than there is to owning paper dollars from the Federal reserve. They have NO intrinsic value. A paper note is "evidence of debt", not wealth. It says so right on the front: "this note is legal tender for all DEBT..." (emphasis added)

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New England town issues its own “dollar alternative” currency.

"Since Sept. 29, more than 225 South Berkshire businesses have agreed to accept 'BerkShares' from customers in place of federal dollars.... The benefit to local merchants is more customers. The benefit to customers is the face-to-face contact and the personal service that builds a sense of community, said Susan Witt, director of the Schumacher Society.

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