Irminsul – The Cosmic Pillar

Originally posted on (now apparently defunct) by MammutKultist on December 7, 2013 In the rich plethora of ancient, pre-Christian Nordic symbolism and conceptions of reality, there’s undoubtedly often a


High in the cosmic plane of Asgard sits the great hall of Valhalla, filled with half of the most valiant warriors slain in combat or otherwise victorious over their

Eyvind Kinrifa, the Death of a Pagan Martyr

The fall of the old religion did not happen all at once, and I cannot lay the blame solely on Christian intolerance. From the beginning the monotheists made it clear that they had no room for the other gods.

Bitter Lessons, Loki in Life and Lore

“The Punishment of Loki” by Louis Huard (1813-1874) By: Luther Kovac: Recently I have experienced a disturbing series of events, all occurring within

The Nature of Wyrd and Harnessing Possibility

By: Luther Kovac “The Norns bestow good fortunes and other noble gifts, but frequently also calamities. Their decrees are invariably irrevocable: ‘No one can withstand the word of Urdhr, even

The Rune that Never Was

The Rune that Never Was By : Luther Kovac Some commercially sold rune sets and books about rune casting include a “blank rune” that is supposed to represent Wyrd or

The Krigarenve

Basic Krigarenve Philosophies Basic Viking Fighting Philosophy In the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland) we call a certain historical period that spanned between the years 750–1100 A.D.

Oisin vs. Patrick

article by Michael Stevens St. Patrick is said to have lived in the 5th Century, although only two contemporary documents attest to his existence: the Letter to Coroticus and a

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